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  • 24 Hour support service:We offer 24 hours victims support service to all victims. The important thing about this is that it offers victims the support that they need in their walk towards healing from the trauma.


  • MEDICAL:¬†When a victim reports abuse, the first service that is required is medical service. DNF offers medical services to ensure the victims health remains uncompromised, and the victim is not in way of immediate harm. Also to collect evidence and ensure facts are gathered in a way that would be upheld during investigation.


  • PSYCOSOCIA:¬†Our specialists offer counseling services for victims of sexual abuse and gender-based violence. This counseling services are could be individual or group counseling services, depending on what the victim prefers.


  • ECONOMIC: The road towards Justice can be a financially tasking one, and so DNF through the help of her sponsors provide the economic support the victims need in the process.


  • LEGAL: We protect and support victims of sexual and Gender based violence and their family. DNF achieved this by partnering with legal advocates who support the victim and family in navigating the complex legal system, by providing information on victim’s legal rights and protection.


  • Survivors forum: With Funding from the British council through the ROLAK program, DNF hosts survivors forum periodically. A safe anonymous space for women who have been affected by sexual and Gender based violence to sure their experiences, and find the support and healing they need.