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When politicians violate women in Nigeria, what happens next?

When politicians violate women in Nigeria, what happens next?

The dehumanization of Elizabeth Oyeniyi by Abdulmumuni Danga, Kogi state commissioner for water resources is purely a human rights issue and should be treated as that. Sexual and Gender based violence are crimes and perpetrators should be brought to book irrespective of their political or other affiliations. Please sign this petition to call on the Kogi state government to suspend Danga pending outcomes of investigations in the spirit of fairness.

#EFitBeMe #DangaMustGo #EnoughIsEnough #JusticeForElizabethOyeniyi
#AbdumumniDangaBattery #SupportSGBVVictims #HerStoryOurStory

The incidence which occurred on the 29th of March 2020, was following a Facebook post made by Miss Oyeniyi in the early hours of the same day in which she enjoined Mr Abdulmumuni to fend for his family, much to his chagrin. Elizabeth and her 3-year old son were picked up from their residence at Okene and taken to Lokoja by thugs sponsored by Mr Abdulmumuni. She was stripped naked, sexually violated and flogged by Mr Abdulmumuni who also made a naked recording of her and smashed her phone, while her child watched. She was offered the sum of Thirty thousand Naira #30,000 which she refused and was not released until the next day, 30th March 2020 after she was raped in a hotel.

This callous acts, abuse of power and sheer rascality of public servants should not be normalised and taken lightly in Nigeria. We are still enraged at a similar act perpetrated by Senator Elisha Abbo on a defenseless nursing mother nine months ago

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