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In 2011, the Abuja Environmental Protection Board AEPB in partnership with other state actors were abducting women and girls and calling them prostitutes. In the process of this abduction, some of the women and girls were sexually and physically abused and slutshamed into silence. Dorothy Njemanze heard of these abductions and started to investigate, as she investigated further, she was then abducted by the the same task force which included the AEPB, Police, Army, Civil Defence and road safety, these abductions were done in partnership with an NGO called SAPCLAN. Dorothy Njemanze was determined to seek justice for herself and other women who could not speak up for themselves, she began digging deeper and found other women who had undergone such. She wrote petitions to the ministry of women affairs, human rights commission and even the FCT minister stating that these arrests were a violation of her human rights. She was snubbed and further slut shamed but this didn’t deter her. With the help of African Women Development Fund, they Dorothy Njemanze Foundation was born out of the desire of a mistreated woman in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to fight violence against women by state and non-state actors in Abuja. The ECOWAS Court on the 12th of October 2017, delivered a landmark judgment in the case between Dorothy Njemanze and 3 others v The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The case cantered on the violent, cruel, inhuman, degrading and discriminatory treatment the Plaintiffs suffered at the hands of law enforcement agents in Abuja Nigeria. DNF has since its inception in 2011, has advocated extensively for various issues that are pertinent for the advancement of the rights of women, youths and person’s living with disabilities in Nigeria.