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We are first responders to Sexual and Gender Based violence. If you need support, we are here. If you are worried about anything, big or small, we can help you. Here are 4 reasons to contact us:
  1. We listen and are a safe space for you to talk about your fears and suspicions.
  2. You don’t have to go into detail if you don’t want to
  3. Talking to us is confidential
  4. We will be with all the way and we will support you in any decision you want to make.
OUR CONFIDENTIALITY PROMISE:  Confidentiality means not telling anyone else about what you’ve said. So whatever you say will be just between you and DNF and you can feel safe talking to us, knowing that no one else will find out. But sometimes, if we’re worried about your safety, we may need to get you help. What we offer under First Response:
  1. Medicals
  2. Counselling
  3. Police Assistance If you want to take legal actions
  4. Information and referral
  5. Legal
As First Responders, we directly assist Survivors of abuse. We are with them each step of the way as they seek legal aid to seek redress, for rehabilitation and aid with re-integration into the society. Our counsellors are always handy. We have an effective referral system to assist survivors where we lack capacity to be of immediate help and have assisted thousands of survivors.