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We strongly believe in initiating public campaigns, by way of social campaign adverts, documentaries, novelettes, short film, full feature film, artistically designed to appeal to the grassroots members of the society. We have several in audio, audio visual and visual formats on entertainment media and online addressing issues including; Child Sexual Molestation, Discrimination, Domestic Violence, Rape, excluding Persons with Disabilities(PWDs) from participating in society, Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights, Feminism, Human Rights etc. Girls Education.

some of this campaigns are

#call it as it is campaign

This is a campaign started by DNF to encourage people to call problems as they are, in order to avoid trivializing them. A typical example is in the way society loves to call domestic violence a family matter as opposed to what it is, which is a violation of her human rights.

#Dear you campaign

Survivors and victims of sexual and Gender based violence constantly need a reminder that they were never at fault. This is why our “dear you” campaign are reassuring letters targeted at this demographic to give them the assurance they need.

When we are not running social media campaigns, we educate by media trainings and peer educating of schools

  • DNF organized a media training for how to report gbv cases in partnership with global rights.
  • DNF periodically goes to schools to educate students on Sexual and reproductive health and rights. Some of the schools that have benefitted inc:

    –  Tundun wadan


Our unique feature lies in our ability to use films to communicate a message, and sensitize the public. This method has been a success as our films have screened repeatedly across Nigeria.

Some of this films inc:


A movie produced by DNF in collaboration with IPAS in 2018 addresing Sexual health and reproductive health rights, body autonomy and family planning


A movie produced by DNF in collaboration with film corps in 2018 addressing female genital mutilation.

Dnf also organised and participated in protest over the years which included but were not limited to

  • Abuja raid protest
  • State of Emergency please refer to whatsApp for pictures

Media Appearances- please refer to ster community page for details. Dnf never misses an opportunity to educate the public on issues of sexual and gender based violence. We educate the public by engaging groups, stakeholders, ultimately utilizing any platform we get.

  • International womens day in collaboaration with NDPHC(Niger Delta Power Holding Company); where our survivals shared their stories, with the Executive Director on the panel
  • AIT Town hall meeting